【毕 业 感 言】Graduation Speech

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Address from Our Principal



Today, I am very glad to attend the graduation ceremony of primary and junior middle school. First of all, I would like to express my warm and sincere congratulations to the students who have completed six years of primary school and three years of junior middle school! And express my heartfelt thanks to the teachers who have cared the health, worked hard, devoted their efforts and wisdom to the students! Please give the warmest applause to all your beloved teachers! On the occasion of graduation, students should also thank to your parents who gave birth to you, and raised and accompanied you to grow up. They spare no effort to provide you with a high-quality educational environment and quality of life for your healthy growth. Please give a warm applause to your beloved parents!


The students' diligent study brought the joy of success to the teachers, and your youthful vitality, brought the passion for work to the teachers . Your growth trajectory will always be treasured in the hearts of every teacher. You are about to move from a childish childhood to a teenager, students in the third year of junior middle school will move from teenagers to youth. I applaud your progress and growth! Please give yourself the warmest applause!


Although memories are good, growth will continue. The beauty is worth remembering, and the future will be more wonderful. Today we are not celebrating the end of your studies, but the beginning of your studies. It is not to commemorate the completion of study, but to announce the re-departureof study. If the youth is strong, the country will be strong, and if the youth is wise, the country will be wise. I sincerely hope that you can improve yourself better and achieve yourself faster in the new stage of learning. Here are a few hopes for the students:


1.Determined to be a person with ideals and pursuits. Faith is the cornerstone of success, and ideal is the wings of flight. As the saying goes, "People who have aspirations will have a will." If you don't stand up, there will be nothing to achieve in the world. Moreover, the higher the goal a person pursues, the faster their talents and wisdom will develop, and the greater their contribution to society. Life is an experience. Today, starting from here, youth belongs to you, time belongs to you, struggle belongs to you, time flies, and years are difficult to stay. In order to adapt to the rapidly developing Internet era, we should constantly accept new thinking and knowledge. Times require us to let go of impetuousness, laziness, reject all temptations, calm down, and do what teenagers should do.


2.Be conscientious about reading and make it a habit. Books can't help you solve all your problems, but they can give you a better perspective on how to understand the complex and changing world and how to be a better person. I hope you love reading, reading good books, being good at reading, drawing nutrition from books, enlightened wisdom, and improving your ability.


3.Have love in your heart and be grateful. Life without love is like a tree without roots or water without sources. You should thank your parents for their upbringing, teachers for their education, and society for their care. Our school is a real international school. In this big family, teachers and students can study and work happily. Therefore, I hope that everyone should learn to respect and understand, learn to tolerate and learn to put oneself in others' shoes, and form a campus atmosphere in which I love others and everyone loves me.


Finally, I wish the students would progress in their studies! All your wishes come true and everything goes well!


G6 Valedictorian

Eliza Chen





Dear teachers and our fellow:

Good afternoon, everyone!


Today, we gather here with joy to say goodbye to primary school life, to our respected teachers, to our dear classmates, and to this unforgettable childhood.


First I would like to thank my class-master Ms. Liang Min Ting, when I have study problems, you always care about my Chinese , and you always are the first one who gives me advice , and when I am unhappy , you always cheer me up . And we really like your kindness . Thank you very much for these years .


Ms. Lin Xin Xin, when I first came here, my maths was messy, you were very patient teaching me. And finally I got the score that I wanted.


Ms. Kate, I think you remember that when I first came, my English was too terrible, after your teach, see? My English is not bad, right ? I must thank you because you helped me improve my English quickly.


Ms. Hanna, not only strict to us , but also funny , we all like you so much. When we were going to do a speech, most of us were very nervous and scared, but it was always you who encouraged us . We know you are going to leave here, and we will miss you a lot . We hope you will be better in the future.

Ms Hanna,不仅对我们严格,也很有趣,我们所有人都很喜欢您。每当我们要做演讲时,大部分人既担心又害怕,是您一直鼓励我们。我们知道您即将离开中国,我们会想念您的。祝您一切顺利,安好!

Ms. Lu Bing Wen, Ms. Zhang Yan Li, Ms. Zhang Wenwen, Mr. Qiu Fenyao, Mr. Ji Kangzhi, thank you all for teaching me for these years.


I have faced lots of problems and I have solved lots of issues with teacher’s help, I didn't give up my study, and I will never give up.


Looking back on the progress made in the past six years, we must be grateful. Be grateful to our school leaders and our teachers. It is their words and deeds, selfless dedication and countless efforts that make us embrace this joyful moment together.


I remember that it was your generous praise and encouragement that inspired us to set off again and again and move forward bravely; I remember that it was your pertinent and severe criticism that enabled us to set the right direction again and again.


Inspired by your love, we drive forward hard. Here, on behalf of all Grade 6 students, please allow me to say a heartfelt word to the school leaders and teachers. Thank you, teacher! You've been working hard!


Today, we will graduate from primary school. At this moment, the gate of memory was gently opened, and countless moving moments came to mind. Looking back on yesterday, we laughed, cried, mischievous, and worked together.


Countless happy days and countless gorgeous moments all proved our growth. On the way to primary school for six years, there are footprints of our growth everywhere.


On the broad playground, our vigorous posture in sports; in the bright classroom, our eyes for knowledge. Early reading, the scene that we concentrate on reading; in the examination room, we frowned and thought, and everything was vividly visible!


Six years ago, we were naive and walked into the campus with beautiful expectations. Six years later, we have become confident and energetic teenagers. We have learned to grow, think, cooperate, trust and surpass ourselves.


Finally, I wish all the teachers a smooth career and success. At the same time, I also give my best wishes to our school. May the future of our Dickson Secondary school be more brilliant and glorious! I also wish all the students can make further progress!

Thank you !



G9 Valedictorian

Viviane Huang





Good afternoon, dear parents, respected teachers, and the best graduates:


 I am Viviane Huang from G9C.


Before starting my speech, I would first like to thank my parents, who provided me with a good learning environment. And, to my class master, Ms. Elia, thank you for taking care of my naughty brother and me and always being there to give me suggestions for correct decisions. Thank you so much for everything.


And also, I would like to thank our teachers. Ms. Hanna, our life counselor teacher, thank you for constantly reminding us what's beneficial for us and telling us to join whatever activity that's good for us.

谢谢我们的老师们!Ms Hanna. 我们生活中的心理老师。感谢您不断提醒我们什么对我们有益,并告诉我们参加任何对我们有益的活动。

There seems no distance between you and us. When we have problems, we always look for you, and you're always patient and pleasant to help us. From you, we could see that teachers can be our friends. Thank you!


Mr. Anosh, our preparation teacher, thank you for preparing us in high school and university so we won't die in high school or when we grow older. We enjoy your class, and we can learn many things during your class. And thank you for the chocolates you gave me when I went to the office, they are delicious!

Mr. Anosh, 感谢您为我们的高中和大学的课程做的思想准备,让我们避免在成长以后遇到突如其来的压力而被打垮。我们享受您的课,在您的课上我们可以学到很多东西。谢谢您在我去办公室时给我的巧克力,它们很好吃!

And then, unfortunately, Ms. Zita, our literacy teacher, couldn't make it today, but it's fine. She will come back next semester. Although she gave us an online class, it didn't affect her teaching. I really appreciate and enjoy the way you teach us, and also, thank you so much for always being nice to us.

遗憾的是,我们的文学老师--Ms. Zita今天没能来,但也还好,她下学期就能回归校园。虽然她给我们上网课,但这并没有影响她的教学质量。我们真的很欣赏您的教学方式,也非常感谢您一直都对我们的好。

My Chinese teacher Ms. Deng thank you for always being patient and friendly in explaining things to my low-moving brain because, you know, Chinese is quite hard for me. And thank you for the time when I want to talk. You are a good listener and an adviser. So, don't be annoyed, okay? I will continue to look for you when I go to high school.


Ms. Zhang, my art teacher, who started teaching me since I came here, thank you for always being supportive and lending me art supplies. I can say that I am a horrible artist, but you made me believe that I am not that horrible. You taught me to draw, paint, and be creative. Thank you so much.


And thank you to our math and history teacher, Ms. Lebo. Our Spanish teachers, Ms. Maria, and Ms. Hilda. Our politics teacher Ms. Chen. And our PE teachers, Mr. Ji and Mr. Qiu.

还有感谢我们的数学和历史老师 Ms. Lebo。我们的西班牙语老师 Ms. Maria和Ms. Hilda。我们的政治老师,陈宁老师。我们的体育老师 吉老师和邱老师。

And thank you to our previous teachers as well  Ms. Lin, my previous class master and math teacher, thank you for always being there to help my brother and I at any time.


I remember that I couldn't understand anything of math when I first came here, you know that I could speak Cantonese, so you were trying to talk in Cantonese to explain to me after class, it was funny, but I could understand what you want to. I am touched and grateful, and you are the one who saved me from math and my studies. Thank you so much, Ms. Lin!


Finally, I would also like to thank my friends who are always playing with me and helping me at any time. Without the help of you all. I would not be who I am today to represent the grade 9s, to give such a wonderful speech. Thank you so much!


Now is my time to tell you a secret, three years ago, when we were celebrating our primary graduation ceremony, I dreamed of standing up on this stage and giving a speech. But whoever expected that after three years, the one standing here is a girl named Viviane Huang, correct, that's me.


So, with my four and a half years of experience, I can tell you that having a dream is very important for us.


I used to dream of getting a scholarship, and the principal called my name to go up to the flag-raising platform to get student of the week. And I am so happy now that on our graduation day, I have lived my dreams, not bad, but good memories of my life.


So, once again, graduates, having a goal doesn't mean a pressure on your back but a direction for you to work hard and be the best you can be.


I have experienced many sad, happy, exciting, anxious, and frustrating things these years. But I am sure that these experiences have made me stronger and more independent.



Honestly, I used to be a backward student who didn't know anything, especially in the part of the language. I could speak Portuguese and Cantonese, that's all for me, and it wasn't easy for me at all. My scores were not that outstanding like now; it was just very average scores.


So, I am very grateful that I didn't give up but instead fought against the difficulties because, in my heart, I always tell myself that one day my persistence will come with success.


No one becomes a great man at once, right? It needs time and your efforts to do that. So promise me, keep running for your life!! Everything will be in your hand after you run for it. It's okay if you don't get it. At least you tried, right? Leaving no regrets!


So, wake up, graduates! A new chapter of life is opening, primary school to middle school and middle school to high school. Life is too short, and time will not wait for us.


So please do what you should do now before you regret it. And study harder to fulfill your dreams and always keep in mind, "Believe in yourself that you can do it, whatever it is."


Okay, by the way. Some people are leaving this semester, but wherever you go. You are always my friend and teacher. I will never forget you, and I wish you all the best of luck and dreams coming true.


Thank you so much, everyone. I love you all!




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